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Quality Assurance

The National Quality Assurance Framework (NQAF) aims to provide consumers with easily identifiable symbols and standards of service that they can trust. Working with you, we will ensure that those standards meet consumer expectations, help your marketing efforts, and support your product development.
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Support and Training

Learn from a wide range of resources to help your tourism business reach its full potential. Our business supports include management tools, how-to guides and funding information, as well as sector-specific advice on food and adventure tourism. Local Enterprise Offices or LEO act as a ‘first stop shop’ for people interested in starting up a new business or already in business including entrepreneurs, early stage promoters, start-ups and small business looking to expand. The LEOs provide advice, information and support in starting up or growing a business, referring interested parties to other agencies where relevant. The Local Authority network in Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices offer a wide range of experience, skills and services including business development advice, mentoring, advice on accessing finance, and guidance on local authority regulations and planning, and other issues affecting your business. Provision of these supports and services may be based on eligibility criteria and will be at the discretion of the Local Enterprise Office
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Grant and Funding

Leitrim Development Company

Tourism Business

We aim to maximise opportunities for tourism development, which make best use of the natural and cultural resources of the county. Through the sustainable development of the rural economy, we aim to attract visitors and create new employment opportunities by providing support to existing rural tourism enterprises and for individuals wishing to develop tourism activities. Through the LEADER Programme funding is available for the following activities;

  • Tourism accommodation (emphasis must be put on other aspects of provision in addition to the accommodation. This will require the provision of additional products or service to the market. Examples include bait & kit storage and drying room for anglers, bike hire, pick up and drop off, maps and packed lunches for cyclists, wet room, drop off and pick-up and maps for hill walkers, wellness and relaxation provision for visitors etc. Inclusion of such developments in an application will add to their merit at assessment and evaluation).
  • Creation of niche tourism products such as those based on arts and crafts, ecotourism, genealogy, heritage, etc.
  • Capital grant aid for recreation activities and facilities
  • Support for bringing your tourism business online by using the internet and increasing e-business facilities (e.g. websites, online bookings, apps, etc.)
  • Creation of niche tourism offerings including experiences, networking and clustering of tourism businesses in the county.

Business Supports


The Business Supports webinars are a series of short online discussions aimed at tourism businesses to give you an insight in to the many digital, sales and revenue practices and trends you should be adopting in your business. The webinars will generally take place on Tuesdays @11am. See the list of events below for more details on what is coming on this LINK

Why not Register for Multiple Webinars at the Same Time?

You can register for as many webinars as you want at the same time by just clicking on the checkbox next to the ones you are interested in attending and then clicking the Register button.

What if I can’t attend live?

If for some reason you can’t make the live events, we do record all of the webinars so you can always catch up on anything you may have missed. Recordings of all the webinars are available from the Fáilte Ireland YouTube channel.

Marketing International with Tourism Ireland

Working with the experienced overseas publicity experts in Tourism Ireland the Blue Book has managed to gain wonderful media coverage aboard. This has led directly to overseas visitors deciding to visit Ireland and selecting our hotels and country houses. The publicity teams in Tourism Ireland are an invaluable partner for Ireland’s Blue Book
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European Union / Tourism

Tourism is a major economic activity in the European Union with wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment, and social development. It can be a powerful tool in fighting economic decline and unemployment. Nevertheless the tourism sector faces a series of challenges. The European Commission works to address these with policies and actions.
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Overview of EU tourism policy

EU policy aims to maintain Europe’s standing as a leading tourist destination while maximising the industry’s contribution to growth and employment. It also promotes cooperation between EU countries, particularly through the exchange of good practice. The EU’s competence in the tourism sector is one of support and coordination the actions of member countries.

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