Lurganboy Church of Ireland

A rare example of a corrugated iron church in Ireland

Rare example of a corrugated-iron church in Ireland, making it a valuable part to the architectural heritage of not just Leitrim, but the country. Built in 1862, the exquisite blue tin church is located on the outskirts of the small village of Lurganboy on an elevated site in a picturesque setting on the hills. Retaining many original features including cast-iron lattice windows and decoratively painted glass, the pretty graveyard contained within a stonewall and the wrought-iron gates all contribute to a wonderful dreamy experience of stepping back in time. The significance of the building was recognised by The Heritage Council, which awarded money for its conservation in c.2002. The building stands within a late medieval artillery fort.

The church is always open to funds to assist in the up keep of its incredible building. Keep an eye on events in the area, as the church has been known to run colourful fundraisers including scarecrow competitions now infamous in the area.

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Lurganboy County Leitrim IE
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