Thur Mountain Glenfarne

Overlooking the birthplace of a 1916 leader.


Thur and its near neighbour, Doagh, lie to the north of Glenfarne village in northwest Leitrim. Dough and Thur Mountains are sites of considerable conservation significance, containing extensive areas of upland blanket bog, heath and grassland. Blanket bog habitat is a globally scarce resource. Natural wildlife species to listen and watch out for within the site include Irish hare, common frog and scarce red grouse nurtured in these parts.

Overlooking the townland where 1916 leader Sean Mac Diarmada grew up and went to school, Thur mountain is beginning to become a place of pilgrimage for those interested in the Easter rising. Stand and soak in its mouthwatering view stretching down to Lough Mac Nean, a vista that wouldn’t have changed much from the time of MacDiarmada.  There are many monuments and prehistoric megaliths sited on Middle Thur. If archaeology is the thing for you there are organised seasonal guided trips during the Equinox, where you get a chance to see the breathtaking views and impact of the sunrise on tombs there. Contact local historian Frank White 087 2520346 for further info.

Height: 442m

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