Shannon Pot – source of the mighty Shannon

.The Shannon Pot is the recognised source of the River Shannon.  Small streams high up in the Cuilcagh Mountains disappear into the limestone bedrock and join-up together in the underground before breaking through to the surface as the spring that forms the source of this important river.  The river grows in size to drain one fifth of the island. It then becomes one of the longest rivers in Ireland and Britain.  The River Shannon is a popular cruising holiday destination. It links places such as Carrick- on- Shannon, Roosky, Banagher and Limerick.
The Shannon Pot’s fame can be traced back to the the legendary Finn MacCool and the Fianna. These were great warriors of Irish methodology.  Legend has it that Sinnann, the daughter of Lodan, came to the Shannon Pot in search of the Salmon of Wisdom.  The great Salmon was angered at the sight of Sinnann and caused the pool to overflow and drown the fleeing maiden. Thus was the Shannon created and which still bears her name today.