The First Protestant – We Grow Strong

The First Protestant, 5th Oct 8pm

In this gripping psychological drama there are moments of intensity and moments of unexpected comedy.  No strangers to Sligo and Leitrim audiences Michael Roper and Gerry Farrell of many Beezneez and Splódar productions give outstanding performances as Luther and the Analyst.  In a verbal battle between two protagonists we see the life and struggles of Martin Luther, the monk who defied the Catholic Church and having narrowly escaped execution, strike a blow at Christendom from which it never recovered.  In “The first Protestant” the profound and durable impact of Luther is explored in a tense dual between Luther and the shadowy figure of the Analyst.   The themes are surprisingly contemporary as Luther’s Europe is one where there is peasant revolt because of oppressive economic austerity, a possible banking collapse in Germany, the European Union of the Holy Roman Empire is threatened with fragmentation, the Islamic state of the Ottoman Empire threatens the peace of Europe and there is a communication frenzy where pamphlets go viral thanks to the printing press.

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Part of We Grow Strong – An arts programme about and for men in contemporary times and in rural border place

The Glens Centre Friday 5 October 2018, 20:00 (Doors open 19:30)

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5 October 2018, 20:00 (Doors open 19:30)